How do I use mytanGO®?

Wet Me, Squeeze Me, Rub Me.

Whilst in the shower, make sure your tanGO®  is damp but not too wet. Starting with your ankles and feet, rub with a firm upwards motion. Continue with hips, arms and elbows followed by the rest of the body. Be gentle on the décolletage areas.

tanGO® is the first fake tan remover that is effective yet gentle on the skin.

I have orange feet, ankles and elbows – how do I fix this?

The wetter your tanGO® is, the less tan it will remove. Squeeze away the excess water and rub firmly with your damp tanGO®  on the affected areas.

My tan has build-up and cracks, what can I do?

Use your tanGO® fake tan remover cloth regularly to keep your tan from building up on your skin. To even out cracks and imperfections, wet your tanGO™ and use gently to buff the affected areas. tanGO® is perfect for belly-buttons and other hard to reach areas!

Can I apply tan straight after using tanGO®?

tanGO® can be used directly before applying self tanning products. Other exfoliators leave a barrier on the skin that impedes the perfect tan. tanGO® will not scratch or change the pH level of your skin making it the perfect skin preparation tool.

How often can I use mytanGO® cloth?

Your tanGO® will not scratch your skin. You may use tanGO® in the shower with shower gel or soap on a daily basis. Be sure to remember to be gentle with your tanGO® .Please don’t use on open cuts or wounds.

How do I care for mytanGO®?

To get the most out of your fake tan remover product, wash your tanGO® once a week.  tanGO® is machine washable – do not use fabric softener. Avoid direct sunlight and dry in the shade.

How long will my tanGO® last?

With proper care your tanGO® should last between 3 to 6 months.