About Us

The Story

Hi, my name is Jodie. I own a spray tanning business and have worked in the industry for the past 7 years in East Fremantle, Western Australia. We are surrounded by beautiful beaches and the desire to look tanned is always everyone’s wish. I am proud to say I provide a safe alternative to tanning, and now an innovative new self tan remover. I like to think that I am keeping young Australians out of our harmful UV rays.

I am a confirmed tanaholic and can’t imagine not having a spray tan all year round. The problem is trying to keep it looking fresh and flawless. During my time in the tanning industry I have heard many horror stories of sunless tans going wrong. I am sure you have had your own bad tanning experience or have seen some shocking tans yourself? Aren’t these the times when you wish you had an effective self tan remover?

Working as a spray tanner I have had many clients, men and women of all ages. We have all made our mistakes with self tanning. Even the celebrities have had some terrible orange streaks!

With this in mind it was about time we found a solution to removing sunless tan in a safe easy way without all the harsh chemicals and scrubbing our skin until it is red raw.

So tanGO®- the world’s first self tan remover cloth was born. At last a safe way to remove all those self tanning errors. I have been selling tanGO® for the last 3 years and thought it was time that this great product was shared with the rest of you bronzed beauties around the world.

There are many exfoliating products and self tan remover creams on the market available. The difference with tanGO® is it’s gentle it will not scratch your skin, tanGO® will evenly remove your tan.  It’s re-usable, environmentally friendly and 100% Australian owned. tanGO® is the must have and only sunless tanning accessory you need.

I am passionate about keeping people out of our harsh Australian sun. I believe the look of being bronzed is here to stay, so we need to provide the best and safest alternative to tanning. I am proud to supply a great product that ensures self tanning can be fun, flawless and not so scary.

My company, Tanology, is dedicated to providing the smartest possible strategy to keeping your skin looking flawless, bronzed and safe. Tanology will provide you the best customer service and keep you and your friends updated with the latest tips in safe tanning. Here’s to looking beautiful without the harmful UV rays!

I hope you love using tanGO® as much as my many clients and I do. Enjoy.

We will be at the Smart Tan Convention in Nashville October 19th through the 21st!!!